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Bee Removal and Control, Swarm Removal and Prevention Services


Swarm and Bee Hive Removal

A bee swarm is usually a new family of bees that has split from their old family and is looking for a new place to nest. Swarms can be found resting anywhere, and they need to be removed before they make your home theirs. 

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Nest removal from structures

If bees are allowed to make a nest in your attic or the exterior walls of your home, they can number 80,000 in as little as a year. These productive insects build massive nests, often weighing 100 pounds or more, to store honey, pollen, and larvae. Removing just the bees will not solve your problem; in fact, it may make it worse. If the bees are not there to care for the nest, it will melt and spoil, creating a smelly mess. In this stage, it will attract rats, ants, roaches, and other bees looking to make a new nest. THE ENTIRE NEST MUST BE REMOVED.


Yellow Jacket, Wasp and Hornet Removal

These nests are usually found in trees, on the side of your house, or under an overhang. Sometimes they can even be found nested in the ground. Yellow Jackets, Hornets and Wasps can be very aggressive if their nest is disturbed and special care must be taken to remove the entire nest. 


Swarm Management and Prevention

To avoid the problems listed above, swarm management and prevention is a good idea, especially around public places such as shopping centers and schools. This can effectively be accomplished by placing Swarm Traps around the perimeter of the property. These traps act as an enticing lure if a swarm of bees is looking to make a home in your area. The bees will be instinctively drawn to these traps, and will nest there instead of in your home or facility. We offer the set-up and monthly service required to maintain these traps.


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